March 11th, 2011

Get ready for some adventure fun with the awesome games that CBBC games have to offer. This is a group of adventure games that you absolutely cannot miss out on playing, especially if you are a huge fan of this category. If you have some free time on your hands, you should check out the games below.

House of Lost Souls

In this game a demon lives deep in the Black Forest, and there he traps lost souls in the spirit world. There coins hidden inside of the skulls that are in the demon’s mansion and Kobalt, the hero needs to find all of the coins in order to set the souls free.

Ancient Powers

There are three different possible endings for this game, and 35 minutes of average game play; a great game to play to pass the time by! Use your mouse and keyboard to play the game.

Mediterranean Adventures 4

This is the 4th game to the first version of the game. You’re trapped inside of a church in this game and you need to find objects and clues that will help you to escape.

Sociotown: The Uninvited Guests

Toby threw a big party in town, and a bunch of people that were not invited decided to show up. Help Toby throw out the guests that weren’t invited.

Graveyard Jewel

In this game there is a legend that says that there is a huge jewel buried deep somewhere in a graveyard. Use a mining pick to search for the jewel and a laser gun to kill all of the monsters that you come across in the graveyard.

Princess Peach Adventure

A great game for all of the girls out there! Help Princess Peach fight the monsters on the island, and bring her true love back to the castle; a simple but fun game!

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Ninja games have always been very popular, because everyone loves a good fight game. Ninja games are so fun and addicting because they get your adrenaline going when you play them. Best of all, ninja games are free to play online anytime you want. Just to get you started, continue to read along to learn about free ninja games that you can search for online and play today!

3 Foot Ninja

You are on a mission to find the 5 lost scrolls. On your mission you will come across various ninjas that you need to fight off in order to get to the scrolls.

Ha Yha

You are a ninja girl that needs to fight off all of the enemies.

City of Zombies and Ninjas

You’re a sexy ninja woman that needs to slay all of the zombies in town.

Swordless Ninja

A little ninja by the name of Mabushi lives with his girlfriend Miyuki. He kept himself and his girlfriend protected from harm with his sword, until a dark and mysterious creature came and stole it from him. Will he ever be able to get it back?

Ninja Glove

This game includes 21 games in one. Master all of the games to prove that you are worth being a ninja!

TMNT Mouser Mayhem

Stop the crazy mice from running around, help Mikey by using the arrow keys to attack the mice.

Ant Kendo

A ninja kindo fight; beat your opponent using the kindo stick. Fight him until he falls into the water below.

Ninja Roll 2

A free rider game; you need to draw lines for your ninja to roll on. He has to collect stars as he rolls on the lines. The ninja is bouncy and moves around a lot so you need to be careful.

13 January 2011
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Search Engines

There are times when you cannot help but be frustrated when searching for a particular item on the Internet. Not all search engines are as efficient, comprehensive and relevant. There are times when even Google and Yahoo cannot provide the specific site you are looking for. Google changed the way we search information. They created an innovative way of narrowing down relevant information. Now, with a few choice keywords we are easily directed to relevant sites. Google is once again taking the search engine race to the next level. They are set to release Google Caffeine, a new search engine.

How do you improve a search engine? The following areas should be satisfied: speed, accuracy, relevance and index size. Google Caffeine, the new search engine should be able to search the web in a matter of few seconds, narrow down the results by accuracy and relevance and come up with indexed results. The changes established may not be noticeable by most Internet users. However, SEO professionals would have to work double time in order to maximize the new search engine. Google Caffeine relies more on keyword strings to provide better results. Hence SEO professionals should be able to use keyword strings which will most likely be included in the new search engine’s indexed results.

Several tests done on Google Caffeine have favorable results. The speed is twice as fast and the results are more relevant and significantly indexed. Google has revolutionized the Internet once again.

18 May 2010
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The Internet is like a vast world existing in cyber technology where various cyber citizens engage in different transactions such as exchanging information, social networking, blogging, chatting, e-mailing and online gaming. Unlike in the real world, there is no censorship or control over what is being done on the Internet. Literally anyone in the world can post, write and upload information anywhere in the Internet.

Adults, presumably, are mature enough to handle any information on the Internet. Children, however, require proper guidance and protection from potentially malicious contents on the Internet. Hence, child Internet safety is the foremost issue for parents. How will you protect your child from disturbing or malicious materials?

Unfortunately, there is no 100% protection against harmful materials or intent. It is up to the parent and child to establish a contract on how to handle Internet access.  Everything starts with trust and open communication. Talk to your child about why their access should be limited to certain sites only. Explain that not all materials on the Internet are helpful or entertaining. Encourage your child to talk to you when they see any disturbing material online. Subscribe to an Internet provider which provides age-appropriate security. If you feel the need, purchase additional software which filters or blocks adult contents downloaded to your computer. Establish a rule to never give out any personal information on the Internet such as real name, address, telephone number, age, birthday and credit card numbers. Child Internet safety is all about establishing trust and vigilance. Your child should feel comfortable about sharing information. As parents, you should be vigilant enough to know what your child sees online.

18 April 2010
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Software Buying Tip 1
Read customer reviews.  A good place to start is google. Look around in forums and online stores like Amazon. Here you can find comments from users who have already used it. Knowing what experience people have had with the software can help a lot and give you a good idea about the software.

Software Buying Tip 2

Check whether your computer is compatible with the software. Look for the minimum and recommended software requirements.  There is no point in buying the software if you cannot use it or it performs below par in your computer.

Software Buying Tip 3
Read the capabilities and description of the software to familiarize yourself with it. Make sure that it is what you want and also what you want to learn if the software is new to you.  Computer softwares usually do not have a refund policy, you don’t want to regret later.

Software Buying Tip 4
Always buy software from reputable companies.  This will guarantee customer service, quality products, reliability and timely shipment.  You will also be ensured of authentic software. “Better Business Bureau” is a great place to check out the reputation of a company.

Software Buying Tip 5
Check out the prices at different online stores.  The internet is a competitive place and you can find great deals if you just look around a little.

Software Buying Tip 6
Using a credit card is preferable while shopping online.  Almost all credit card companies have a process of dispute resolution, which is very beneficial if a product is not delivered, is damaged or is not what was advertised and the company will not issue a refund or replace the software.

Software Buying Tip 7
If purchasing from another individual, such as often the case with online auctions, confirm that the software has all manuals and/or product keys to ensure proper installation.

Software Buying Tip 8
Check out the company’s exchange and return policy. Most companies do not refund for software but check to see whether they will replace a damaged software or will ensure delivery of the software and take corrective measures if there is any such problem

Software Buying Tip 9
Do not forget to look at the shipping costs and time and method of delivery. These should be suitable to you

Software Buying Tip 10
When buying online always make sure that your antivirus is up to date. Credit card information that you type i can easily be stolen by malicious software if your computer is not protected.

Last, but not the least, some software may be available for a discount if there are discount coupon codes available. Look around to see whether there is any place for entering coupon codes while buying software. If there is, search for the coupon codes online, they will usually be freely available.

Good Luck!

22 March 2010
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Many people run multiple programs on their computers, which can result in a cluttered workspace. While Windows Vista and Windows 7 have made strides to help alleviate this problem, if you’re not able to run dual monitors, you may still find your workspace cluttered. Luckily there are a few tips which you can follow which will allow you keep your workspace relatively clutter free while maintaining a great aesthetically pleasing Desktop.

The first of these programs is PS Tray Factory. Most people are unsatisfied with their task bars, because they have too many icons. While windows will hide inactive icons that are not used, you may have icons you want to hide forever, such as custom sound settings or other nonsense. PS Tray Factory lets you hide anything you want, in addition to letting you minimize anything to your system tray. That means if you have a program which you don’t want running on your task bar constantly, you can minimize it to your system tray with no trouble.

Another great program for saving yourself screen real estate is Deskscapes. Deskscapes is a free program which is offered by Stardock and acts as though you have multiple desktops. If you have several programs which you run in conjunction with one another, this is your best bet for keeping them together and off of your main screen while you work with other programs. Deskscapes is also great for multi-monitor users, as it lets you set each desktop wallpaper on your monitors separately.

If you do happen to run two monitors, it may annoy you that all of your programs are crowded onto one task bar, even if they’re on the second monitor. UltraMon is a free program which will fix this problem for you, by adding a second task bar to your second monitor. In turn, all of the programs which you have on your second monitor will be displayed on its task bar, instead of the original monitor.

24 December 2009
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Search Engines


Getting a favorable index for your website on Bing entails understanding what the search engine looks for in performance. If you can understand exactly what Bing wants from your website for a certain keyword, you’re sure to rank higher which will drive more traffic to your site. Here’s how you can use Bing to your advantage to get massive traffic.

Bing tends to look at the age of the domain as an important factor in indexing. While this isn’t great news for new domainers, if you’ve recently re-registered a previously used domain, you could see a jump in traffic from Bing for the age. Aside from the age of your website, there are many things you can do in the HTML of your site to improve its SEO ranking with Bing.

The first of these is anchor text. Bing places a high importance on anchor text, so be sure all of your key words are hyper-linked properly for the website you’re promoting and the keyword you wish to reach. Another method of ensuring you have a high ranking in Bing is through the use of backlinks. However, just getting backlinks isn’t enough, as Bing takes into account both the age and the number of backlinks your referring site has. Consider this the rival to Google’s PageRank.

Content is king with Google, but that’s not so with Bing. Websites which are updated regularly tend to see more success with Google, but that’s not the case with Bing, which places age over the importance of fresh content.

If you want to drive traffic from Bing to your new website, you need to make sure you use at least one of your targeted keywords in your domain. While keyword stuffing is not a good practice in general, there has been significant evidence which shows that many websites which employ the practice regularly show up in the top 10 in Bing search results.

20 December 2009
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Search Engines


Getting your site on the first page of Google results is often considered to be the holy grail of business marketing, and rightly so. Currently, Google holds around 70% market share of all searches done around the world, which is a massive amount when compared to other engines like Bing, which only have a 10% market share. However, understanding how Google PageRank works is an important part of understanding exactly how you can get your site ranked on the first page for your selected keywords.

The first thing you should understand about Google is that content is king. Google wants to deliver searches which are relevant to the browser’s interests, so if you have fresh content which matches what the user is looking for, you’re more than likely to get indexed that much quicker on the first page. Regularly updating your site with content which revolves around targeted keywords will see your site skyrocket over a period of weeks.

Meta data is also an important aspect of getting listed in Google, as the easier time the Google spider has in finding data related to links and images on your website, the more likely you are to rank higher. Always make sure you include meta data for everything on your website, no matter how tedious and time consuming a process it may be.

Aside from content, the next best way to be indexed by Google is through backlinks. Getting backlinks from higher PageRank sites can be a godsend, especially if they are organic backlinks. While many people engage in the practice of purchasing backlinks, you should know this is a very black hat tactic in Google’s eyes and if its caught, your site could be banned from the search engine. That’s why it’s important to focus on content, and meta data in order to get your site listed in the search giant, rather than farming backlinks.

15 December 2009
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Search Engines


When Microsoft first introduced their new search engine technology earlier this year, many people thought it would be a Google killer. While it’s true that Bing is steadily gaining market share over the search engine giant, there are a few things to consider when wondering whether or not Bing will be able to displace the king of search. Bing advertises itself as a decision engine instead of a search engine, and this is an accurate description. The Bing algorithm differs from that of Google in that it searches for terms which are similar to yours, rather than searching for exactly what you typed. Over the years, search engines have gotten smarter, but Bing takes this technology one step further by trying to rationalize exactly what you’re looking for. A good example of this is a search for panda bears, in which Bing would display the results. The top three results are a Wikipedia article on panda bears, a site which gives locations of all the zoos in the world which house panda bears, and another website which has an artists art dedicated to the panda bear. Each of these search results is distinctive in that it has given a different result based on what it thinks you’re looking for. Search results on Google return the Wikipedia article, but then it degrades from there until finally, the sponsored links are linking to a chinese restaurant known as Panda Express. The Google algorithm is aging, but with so many people clinging tightly to it, it’s not likely that Bing will replace it any time soon. Google has taken note of the market share which Bing has gained over the past few months, as they have begun cleaning up their search engine algorithm and website and fine tuning how results are displayed. Google now has the ability to display real time results from social network sites like Twitter, something Bing has yet to do.

10 December 2009
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Picking the best Firefox addons to run depends entirely on what you want your browser to do. These top five addons have been picked for the functionality they bring to Firefox, adding more than what any browser should be able to do.

  • 1. FireFTP – FireFTP – turns Firefox into a robust FTP client which can be used directly from the browser, with no need to open a separate client. It supports all of the features you’d expect from an FTP client, including CHMOD.
  • 2. FoxyTunes – This allows you to control your music collection directly from Firefox, with no need to run another client such as iTunes or Winamp. It supports playlists and pause and resume, which makes it just as robust as any other media player.
  • 3. FoxClocks – FoxClocks is great if you do business or pleasure with people from around the globe. It can be difficult in keeping up with what time it is in the many timezones in which you have friends, but adding their location to FoxClocks will quickly tell you at a glance the time in many different locations.
  • 4. Smart Bookmarks Bar – Many people recognize their bookmarks by the favicon alone, so there’s no need to have the text of the bookmark showing on your bookmark bar. In fact, if you have tons of bookmarks, you might not be able to fit them onto the bar. Smart Bookmarks Bar hides the text, making more bookmarks fit on your bookmark bar.
  • 5. Google Redesigned – If you’re an avid user of Gmail and other Google services such as Reader and Calendar, you’ll love this addon. It gives your Google applications a uniform look which isn’t as white and simple as the rest of Google, making for a pleasing experience. Support for Google Docs is coming soon.
5 December 2009
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Web Browsers


Firefox is a top notch browser which many people use purely for the ability to customize it. Because it has so many different addon options, finding the right addons to accomplish what you want can be a real hassle. That’s why we’ve listed a set of five addons which can change how you use Firefox forever.

  • 1. Check4Change – If you’ve ever found yourself constantly reloading a web page to check for something new, then Check4Change is for you. You can set it to optionally pop up a display or play a sound when changes have been found, and you can also set the intervals in which changes are searched for, from five minutes to thirty.
  • 2. Fast Dial – One of the greatest features about Google Chrome was the thumbnail preview offered of the bookmarks and frequently visited pages. It didn’t take long before Firefox had this feature, which takes shape in the form of Fast Dial. Any time you open a new tab, you’re greeted with a list of your favorite websites.
  • 3. Favicon Picker – There’s nothing worse than adding a bookmark to your list and discovering it doesn’t have a favicon. It can really throw you off and make it hard to find in the future, as you have to read the text instead of identifying it by picture. Favicon picker lets you change the favicon for any of your bookmarks.
  • 4. Skip Screen – If you download frequently from sites like RapidShare and MegaUpload, you know how much of a hassle it is to wait for the counter to count down. Skip Screen takes care of this, automating the entire process.
  • 5. Tabs Open Relative – One of the things that’s always bugged many users of Firefox is that when you open a new tab, it’s added to the list behind your current tabs. This addon makes it so if you open a new tab from the first tab, the new tab will open next to your selected tab.
30 November 2009
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